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Vancouver Singles Socials And Events Activities club
Vancouver's professionals come together
to share interests and have Fun!

The Vancouver Singles Socials And Events Activities club
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The Vancouver Singles Socials And Events Activities club (VSSEAC) is a contemporary and modern Vancouver singles social club that has been around for years bringing local singles together with similar interests for good times and Fun!
Meet Vancouver Singles have Fun
The club is for those who want a break from technology and meet real people who share the same interests in the over twenty monthly activities that the Club schedules. Sports, Arts, New Age and Social events are featured for members to pick and choose.

Every member is invited to every single scheduled event. It's a win-win for everyone at a fraction of the cost of expensive matchmaking services.

VSSEAC has several membership options to choose from so interested individuals are not required to join for one full year. There are also three month and half year memberships.

VSSEAC's philosophy for bringing singles in Vancouver together in a real and meaningful way stems from finding interests that members share: If you are single and meet others who enjoy the same things you do, you will have an instant interest in common. People who like the same things have a great time!

VSSEAC provides interesting, contemporary event scheduling for modern tastes. Members meet quality local singles who are genuinely open to meeting others and sharing interests, are looking for stimulating individuals to enjoy good times with, for fun experiences that are genuine and real.

There are over twenty social, cultural and sports activities every month for club members to participate in. Simply pick and choose as many events as you like from the personalized event email invitations that all club members receive.

Members also have access to the monthly calendar listing scheduled events. Members do not ever pay additional event Club costs - you pay only the price of the activity you participate in (ie. at the club's social dinner, you would choose your own items from the restaurant's menu and pay the restaurant directly - just as if on an outing with friends!).

A benefit of membership is also discounts on activities. VSSEAC passes any group discounts or benefits along to its membership for additional event savings. The best aspect of membership is lots of good time activities and meeting other local singles with the same interests.

VSSEAC calendar of singles events

The club provides a varied calendar of over twenty local social, arts, sports and new age monthly activities and every month includes new and fun outings.

Social Dinners Wine Tastings Breakfast Socials Potluck Picnics Cooking Classes & Barbeques Readers & Books Games Nites Dancing Special Events
Yoga & Pilates Golf & Tennis Canoeing & Sailing White Water Rafting Wind Surfing & Scuba Alpine & Cross Country Skiing & Snowshoeing Snowshoeing Treks Horseback Excursions Hiking & Nature Walks
Theater Performances Musical Performances Opera & Symphony Jazz/Blues Clubs Art Exhibits Comedy Nights Games & Movies Festivals & Dances

The The Vancouver Singles Socials And Events Activities club (VSSEAC) recently celebrated its ten year anniversary. Vancouver locals enjoy the pleasure of getting out into the beautiful city and meeting beautiful singles!

The Club is welcoming to newcomers with its wellknown welcome message:

Everyone is single and interested in meeting you ...
Your personalized invitation to each and every single event awaits you!

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