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Vancouver's exclusive sports,
social and cultural club for local singles!
The Vancouver Singles Socials And Events Activities club (VSSEAC) is a friendly contemporary Vancouver singles club for locals with social, cultural and sports events - all combined into one club!
VSSEAC schedules all that Vancouver has to offer! Social and cultural activities and events including social dinners in popular dining restaurants, wine tastings of the finest wines and champagnes, cooking classes with many varied cuisines, games nights with fun selections, movie nights with feature cinema flicks, theater and musical entertainment, comedy nights with the finest, zany karaoke nights, dance cruises par excellence, potluck beach parties, world class art exhibits ... & much more ...

And sports ... Bicycling, Skiing, White water rafting, Swimming, Hiking, Golfing, Horseback riding, Travel, Roller blading, Rock Climbing, Sailing, Tennis, Kayaking, Special excursions, Canoeing ... & much more ...

And meeting quality local singles naturally is what makes VSSEAC a real journey into possibilities of new friendships, true Romance and Fun!

Everyone is welcome and VSSEAC has a well-deserved reputation as being Vancouver's friendliest singles club!

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Ready to join the fun and meet some new folks at Vancouver's exclusive social club for local singles? Join the Vancouver singles socials and events activities club (VSSEAC) today and participate in as many activities as you like with no additional event club costs ever! A great way to socialize - meeting like-minded people for a little joie de vivre!

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bowling and hiking excursions

VSSEAC is a social, sports and cultural club

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